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White Eagle, LLC - Services

Our experts have the extensive knowledge and expertise needed to handle the complexities that the end users will encounter under the New Mexican energy markets.

We offer the following services:

  • Training client staff so they are able to identify strategic opportunities to acquire supply in the spot market, short and long term fixed price market, basis market and futures market.
  • Providing accurate energy cost estimates at the beginning of the month.
  • Developing a process to estimate energy usage that is tied to plant production.
  • Determining the transportation capacity requirements on different systems:
    1. Scheduling processes on different systems in the US and Mexico
    2. Managing transportation contracts
    3. Avoiding imbalance and penalties

White Eagle and WE Gas Mexico are authorized to import and export gasoline, crude oil and natural gas to and from Mexico. We have extensive knowledge and experience in both the United States and Mexican energy markets. Our expertise enables us to manage the entire process, from sourcing supply to ensuring arrival at the client’s facilities. We also offer Energy Management services including forecasting, tracking, reporting and regulatory support. Finally, we can assist clients with Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), which govern the buying and selling of power.


Prior to the start of the month, each client provides a monthly usage forecast to us. This information is used to determine the optimal supply mix for each client. We then purchase the products, schedule them to the facilities and develop an estimated cost for each client.


White Eagle manages a client’s daily usage by buying or selling supplies as needed. We may also utilize other tools, such as storage, to manage daily usage fluctuations when it is advantageous to do so. At the end of each month, we reconcile the client’s supply, usage and imbalance to determine the monthly cost.


Once all volumes and cost have been reconciled, we deliver the final monthly cost to the client. The client is able to access all reports, including cost summaries, usage summaries and historical usage.

Regulatory Support

White Eagle and WE Gas Mexico have extensive regulatory experience in both the United States and Mexico. Our staff can assist in preparing and submitting the regulatory reports required by multiple agencies in both countries.

Risk Management

White Eagle and WE Gas Mexico can provide assistance in developing hedging strategies to allow clients to manage their energy price risk. By locking in a portion of their energy costs, clients can mitigate the effects of short-term price volatility, thus ensuring they will not overspend their energy budgets.