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Open Season Procedure SISTRANGAS 2016-2017

Closing of the receipt of requests for the Open Season Procedure SISTRANGAS 2016-2017

759 applications were received from 24 companies, equivalent about 3.5 million gigajoules per day of the 2.7 available for assignment in the SISTRANGAS.

With the closing event, CENAGAS materializes the open access to the system in firm bases for the State Productive Companies, Independent Energy Producers, for users with acquired rights and for the public. The participation of all these actors consolidates the supports for the construction of an open and non-discriminatory natural gas transportation market.

Applications were received from 24 companies, representing about 3.5 million gigajoules per day out of the 2.7 available, according to the first estimates.

Among the users who have submitted applications are Shell Trading Mexico S. de R.L. De C.V., Eco Gas México S. de R.L. De C.V, a Mexicana de Gas S.A.P.I. of C.V, among others, while in their character of marketing companies have been presented PEMEX Transformación Industrial, Macquarie Energy México S. de R.L. C.V., White Eagle Mexico, S. de R.L., among others.

On March 21, 2017: CENAGAS will publish relevant economic information so that applicants can reevaluate their position to gain space in the pipeline. Will be published the average of the prizes offered in each route for the 1st option and the Percentage saturation of the routes.

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