Energy Regulatory Commission Agreement - Details

Energy Regulatory Commission agreement, which specifies the scope of the asymmetric regulation applicable to PEMEX for the first hand sale VPM and natural gas marketing, is found at the COFEMER system of regulatory improvement.

The agreement considers that:

  1. The first disposal of natural gas in national territory made by Pemex to a third party or between them should always be understood as a VPM.

  2. Pemex cannot offer natural gas availability conditions for VPM other than those offered in commercialization (bundled services). In view of the above, if natural gas is available with bundled services, Pemex is obliged to offer natural gas to VPM.

  3. Pemex cannot decide wich type of agreement is better to offer to the users, since it is a decision of the users.

  4. When the availability of natural gas is lower than the demand, natural gas must be proportionally allocated among the non-Pemex related acquirers, the marketing activities must be assigned to the end, and they will have the last priority in the allocation Of natural gas.

  5. Pemex cannot offer natural gas to a commercialization user without first having fully attend the natural gas demand for VPM.