The New Natural Gas Market in Mexico

The new Natural Gas market in Mexico promotes the availability of alternative natural gas supplies by unbundling the transportation services from the natural gas supplies originally provided bundle by PEMEX. This process establishes the principles of “open access” to reserve capacity and contract for natural gas supplies, as well as regulations to protect end users from monopolies.

In response to the new rules, Pemex's First-Hand Sale contract (VPM) states “Clients who continue with Pemex bundle services will have the last priority in the allocation of Natural Gas."

Therefore, the client’s natural gas strategy must include:

  • Securing contracts for the purchase of natural gas supplies,
  • Securing transportation agreements with CENAGAS,
  • Implementing an asset management strategy for these contracts.

White Eagle offers a full range of energy asset management services throughout North America including supply procurement, scheduling natural gas to the client’s facilities and managing resulting imbalances, and negotiating contracts.  Our goal is to provide reliable, cost-effective delivered natural gas.  The client has access to each component of its delivered natural gas cost, thus ensuring price transparency. 

In addition, White Eagle provides training to its clients on the energy industry in accordance with the requirements of each specific client. With offices in Chicago and Mexico City, White Eagle is strategically positioned to assist clients with the purchase and sale of natural gas, transportation of the supplies to the clients’ facilities, risk management, consulting, and business development.

We know that you have the option to work with many suppliers in this market. White Eagle appreciates your consideration and welcomes the opportunity to present a service proposal that addresses your specific needs.