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Pemex Releases Portion of Industrials to Market

The Energy Regulatory Commission approves the procedure for the implementation of the Natural Gas Assignment Contract Program, an important step in the creation of an efficient and competitive natural gas market.

The Program establishes that, within a maximum period of four years, Pemex TRI will make available to third party marketers a part of its portfolio of contracts that represents 70% of the total natural gas volume of its current marketing activities.

The Program will be implemented in three phases:

  • Phase I: 20% by volume;
  • Phase II: 20% by volume;
  • Phase III: 30% by volume.

This will up to 70% of the volume subject to cession. The selection of the contracts subject to assignment will be carried out in a random manner.

The public act to select the contracts that will not be subject to assignment and those that will participate in Phase I, will take place on January 30, 2017.

Larger contracts (with consumption equal to or greater than 40 thousand gigajoules / day) and packages of small contracts (contracts with consumption of less than 40 thousand gigajoules / day) will participate equally in the program.

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